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Carbon Dioxide Scrubber System

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Oxygen Flow Meter

Oxygen Flow Meter



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Soda Lime Cartridges for CO2 Scrubber

Stratasorb (soda lime) Cartridges for carbon dioxide scrubbing

Carbon Dioxide Scrubber System

The Carbon Dioxide Scrubber System is a self-contained unit that removes carbon dioxide from the air and provides oxygen at controlled rates in enclosed areas. The system utilizes compressed oxygen from cylinders and soda lime chemicals to produce full air changes.

An Oxygen Flow Meter on the system manifold regulates the amount of oxygen released into the environment, keeping it at safe levels. The Flow Meter is set according to the number of people in the enclosed area following clearly printed operating instructions on the front of the unit.

The free-standing Carbon Dioxide Scrubber connects to medical grade oxygen cylinders. The number of oxygen cylinders depends on the number of occupants for which the chamber is intended. This is a stand alone system that is used in all Strata Products Emergency Refuge Chambers and can be used in barricaded areas and/or pre-built safety rooms underground.

Battery or Compressed Air-Powered

The Carbon Dioxide Scrubber is either powered by electricity and has battery back-up or by compressed air from high pressure cylinders. The air-powered system is approved for use in coal mine applications. The flow of forced air from engineered fans produces the necessary air movement through the chemicals to achieve scrubbing.
When the scrubbers are fitted with the optional ionized tubing, the scrubber removes bacteria, mold, odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air to improve lung efficiency.

Battery-Powered Scrubber

The battery-powered scrubber runs primarily off the electrical power source attached to the chamber. If this power is lost, the scrubber operates off of the refuge chambers’ bank of back-up batteries. The unit includes an LCD display that provides an instant inspection of the systems charge condition.

Operation is simple and consists of:

There is a cartridge change out schedule provided.

Specifications for the electric unit include:

Compressed Air-Powered Scrubber (Patent Pending)

Air Driven ScrubberThe compressed air-driven scrubber provides fresh, breathable air without the use of electrical power. The unit works with high pressure oxygen and compressed air cylinders. The flow of air from the cylinders produces the necessary air movement through the chemicals to achieve scrubbing. The air-driven unit has a compressed air supply to operate the scrubber for 96 hours.

Operation is simple and consists of:

Cartridges are replaced every 24 hours

Specifications for the compressed air-driven unit include:

Download the brochure on the Carbon Dioxide Scrubber System

Contact us for more information on the Strata Safety Carbon Dioxide Scrubber System or to discuss your safety requirements with a sales engineer.